Baby Sling

I made a baby sling for my friend Bomboniera. Apparently they are all the rage with celebrities these days. I was explaining to another friend what I was making, and he nodded and said “oh yeah, like Angelina Jolie”. So Bomb, you’ll be rocking it like Ms. Jolie.

I tried to find some pictures of glamorous celebrities wearing them, but although I could find plenty of pictures of “celebrities”, I’m really not so good with the celebrity gossip, and I wasn’t entirely sure which celebrity I was looking at, or often, how celebrated said individual really was. So here’s a picture of Laura Bennett.

And here is a picture of me, modelling what I made. The sling is filled out here by a five pound bag of flour which Spouse Phor insisted on calling “Nikita”* for the duration of the photo shoot. Note also my multi-tasking as I both wear Nikita in the sling and engage in scathing political analysis of Mike Huckabee.

Directions for sewing this particular sling can be found here. My fabric was 45″ wide poly/cotton; my rings were the bronze rings from

The directions are generally clear and concise. I would add two points.

If you have to hem the edges of your fabric (as I did, since they had ugly pin-marked selvage), the outside of panel 1 should be the wrong side of your fabric (i.e. the side with the exposed seam).

Also, the instructions call for the folded end to be slipped through the rings and then sewn 3-4 inches from the edge. I guesstimated, and my seam is probably about 5 inches from the edge — this comfortably fits Spouse Phor (who declined to be photographed), but I found that it was a little low on me.

And a question — if any of you use this kind of sling, am I correct in thinking that it is either right- or left-shouldered and not swappable? Or can you wear it with equal ease on each side?

*After Khrushchev. No, I don’t get it either.


2 Responses to “Baby Sling”

  1. Marcy Says:

    I use a ring sling. It can be worn on either shoulder, although I’ve found I have a preference for having it on my left shoulder.

  2. MsP Says:

    It’s beautiful. I still haven’t tried it on, but MrP and I both appreciate it very much. Thank you again. I think it’ll be especially handy when the baby’s a little older and able to sit/stand unassisted. When I met up with Emilin, she was using hers with Sanna and it looked a lot easier than the Moby Wrap I already have – although the Moby’s good for tiny babies.

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