Simplicity 7513 — drawstring pants

A month or so ago, my friend Grace sent me a bunch of patterns in the mail, including a couple for a drawstring pants. I wouldn’t normally buy a pattern like this for myself, since I don’t generally wear drawstring pants, but pants-sewing is a bit of a personal bugaboo for me. I figured since I had Simplicity 7513 in my stash now, I should go ahead and make it up just as an exercise.

This is one of the simplest garments I’ve ever sewn. (Well, that was sort of the point.) The pants have no side seam, so there are only two pattern pieces, plus a drawstring.

I had to add five inches in length to the legs — and in hindsight, I could have added six.

The instructions call for sewing the inside leg seams first, then slipping one pants leg inside the other to sew up the crotch seams. This seemed like unnecessary fuss to me — all that extra fabric bunched up together all which ways while it went through the machine? Recipe for disaster.

Instead, I sewed the center front and center back crotch seams, then sewed the inside legs. This method of construction allowed me to flat-fell the crotch seam — another new technique, since I’ve never done flat-felling on curves like that before. It wasn’t too difficult. The tricks seemed to be (i) to clip the curves (on the wider side of the seam that folds over, just to the depth of the fold), and (ii) to go very carefully through the machine at the curviest bits, easing the fabric around the corners.

I had given the spaghetti strap tubing to Spouse Phor to turn at the beginning of the process. (He’s a sweetie. He does things like that for me.) There was much gnashing of teeth and poking at things with chopsticks from the couch, and an hour or so later he hadn’t made much progress. (Really. Told you he was a sweetie. I would have given up.) So I rescued him and made a length of folded-and-sewn fabric for the drawstring, which is much less of a headache than tubing, anyway.

I’d picked up a bunch of old sheets at a jumble sale to use as muslins, and I made these pants from a medium-weight poly cotton blend. I think the fabric is actually a little stiff for these pants. The gathered/drawstring waist isn’t the most flattering style in the world to begin with, and these pants really need a fabric with a very light hand to drape nicely. I dyed them to end up with a sort of mottled rust color.

In conclusion: These pants are easy to make, somewhat fugly, but wearable for things like trips to the beach or the ballpark when its 90 degrees out.

Simplicity 7513


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