Links. Coz I’m lazy today.

I’ve been away on vacation for the last week, hence the radio silence around here. It was a gorgeous lazy week on the water in southern Maryland, with lots of paddling around in kayaks and gazing at bird life. Ospreys. Bald eagles. Heron, which are much larger down there than I’ve seen elsewhere, and manage to be amazingly graceful and slightly gawky at the same time.

Having stuffed myself full of steamed crabs and exhausted myself paddling around the byways of the Potomac, I haven’t gotten much sewing done. Instead of a substantive post, you’ll be getting a round up of the catching up on reading I’m doing today.

My pal Krupskaya over at the Edit Barn blogs about returning garments made in the Mariana Islands.

If you want a half hour of talk radio in your sewing room, check this podcast on fashion magazines from the fabulous Julia at As We Are Magazine.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of the Little Brown Dress project, go check out the archive of Alex Martin’s year of wearing the same dress.

A Dress A Day features a magnificent tribute to His Unpronouncable Purpleness.

And to round up with some Other Small Crafts; a how-to on capturing sunshine in a jar.


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