Stitch ‘n’ Pitch

It’s baseball season!

I was never a sports fan until three years ago. I had been to maybe a handful of live sports events in my entire life. My parents took me to see the Harlem Globetrotters when I was a teenager. I’d been to a softball game with my seventh grade best friend who was into the game. A bunch of my friends who are big into football went on a road trip to see a college game in Ohio, and I tagged along. The road trip was fun. We drove six hours in a sweet 70s era Cadillac convertible with the top down. We stopped at Dennys and stuffed ourselves stupid.

The game, though, was a very, very disturbing experience. The folks there were tapped into some deep, deep tribal loyalties that were extremely foreign to me. Our party consisted of one Ohio State alum, and one guy who supported the Other team. He wore purple. As we were walking around the streets outside the stadium, other purple-clad tribespeople leaned out of cars and made howling dog noises at him.

The inside of the stadium was inhabited by the largest mass of conforming humanity I’ve ever seen. 100 000 people, all dressed in red. All freely expressing their distaste for the supporters of the Other team. And then springing to attention for the performance of various nationalist songs and anthems. They had a marching band in red berets. Mussolini’s Italy came to mind.

I realize, of course, that this is somewhat unfair to the good people of Columbus, OH. Although I think maybe not quite so unfair to the assholes who thought it was okay to make remarks at whatever woman they decided was fair game in the tailgating lot. Nonetheless. I find football is not my cup of tea.

Baseball, on the other hand, is a whole different, well, you know.

For starters, it’s a summer game. A slow, long draft of game played on a summer afternoon. The fans are waaay more mellow. It doesn’t have war chants. It has a song about peanuts.

But here’s why I’m really a baseball fan. In the summer of 2005, Washington DC got a new baseball team. They weren’t a great team. They came from Montreal, and they hadn’t been doing too great. Some of my friends, including Spouse Phor, had bought partial season tickets. I wasn’t particularly interested, but I said I might go see a game or two if there was a spare ticket around.

The first time I went, I was hooked. This was such a joyful game. It was sunny! People came by and brought you beer! There was a food called crackerjack! How could a food with such a name not be fun? There was all sorts of cool music, prominently featuring the very funky Godfather of Go-go, Mr Chuck Brown! And signs that told you when and how to cheer, so newbies like me didn’t feel like outsiders.

But really, what hooked me was that the Nationals won. That very first game I went to, and maybe the next four or five after that, they won. This was the beginning of their ’05 season, when for a glorious month or too, they were up toward the top of the rankings, and people were talking about Going All The Way with just a little bit of hope that maybe, maybe. Of course, come July, after the All-Star Game, the team tanked. And they aren’t doing so grand right now.

But right then, when I was falling in love, they were winning. And I had never supported anyone before who won. Ever. Most of the time, what I’ve been supporting has been a left-of-center political party in an election. And they lose. When I’m around, they always lose. I grew up under the cold iron fist of Thatcherism. My family moved to Australia in the 80s, and in quick succession the ALP lost first the state Premiership, and then the Parliamentary majority to Howard’s coalition. I came to the US in 1998; two years later, George Bush was President. So my approach to being a supporter has not been exactly joyful.

Damn you, beautiful winning ball team! You captured my heart, and now you suck. But I’m still going out to the ball park on sunny summer evenings to sing songs and cheer you along.

This lengthy digression brings me to the point of this post, which is to let you know about Stitch N’ Pitch, where you can combine your love of baseball with that of needle arts. As their website says, It’s The Perfect Double Play!! It’s primarily centered on various embroidery arts, but they also have a Baseball Team Theme category. So I give you my DC no-taxation-without-representation, perfect-for-a-summer-night shoes!

DC Flag Shoes


One Response to “Stitch ‘n’ Pitch”

  1. bread and roses Says:

    Oh my God, those are fabulous. I think you should make a pair for Eleanor Holmes Norton.

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