Lining. Or Not.

I was planning to line the skirt I’m working on. The wool is kind of scratchy, and I even had a fabric picked out for the lining — and recycled to boot!

These gold silk pants have been with me for a long time, but as you can see, they are through.

Gold pants

I must have had these at least ten years. When they were new, I wore them out clubbing. They picked up a couple of stains in their life, but for years I wore them under long skirts and tall boots in the wintertime. Silk makes fantastic long underwear. (Yes. I’m a woman who’s not afraid of unconventional unmentionables.) It seemed in the right spirit that this fabric should go into the lining of a sturdy wool skirt.

Except that, hello. I already installed the zipper. If you’re putting a lining into a zippered skirt, it has to go in before you install the zipper.

So now I have a gold silk petticoat instead — which has the added advantage of functioning as a lining for several garments, not just this one.

I removed the waistband of the pants, planning to just gather the fabric inside the waistband of my pinstriped skirt, when I realized, d’uh, zipper. After that I proceeded with one of the quickest and dirtiest sewing jobs I’ve ever done. I evened up the waist so it was straight, and chopped the pants off at the knees. Then I cut an approximate triangle at the crotch to remove the frayed out fabric.

The chopped out fabric was filled in with godets cut from the legs. Here’s a schematic of how I cut — cut lines are in red.

pants to petticoat schematic

I finished up by re-installing an elastic waist.

gold silk petticoat

There are probably home ec teachers all over the country recoiling in horror at this thing (hell, I barely even ironed it), but it’s underwear. And it’s functional. And I suspect I’ll get a lot of use out of it.


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