Storm in a D cup

via Feministe

About two dozen young women in Louisiana were refused entry to their prom on the grounds that their dresses were “too revealing”. The young women and their parents are outraged, suggesting that the girls who were refused entry happened to be larger-busted than their peers, but that their dresses were no more revealing.

I can’t link directly to the images, but you can see a slideshow of the dresses here . I think they are quite appropriate for young women at a formal event — they look exactly like the kinds of dresses I see younger women wearing at weddings, for instance. It’s also worth noting that the majority of the young women who are photographed are black, although according to Feministe commenters, only 62% of the population of the school is black.

There is a very sweet comment from a young man whose date was turned away, reported in the Times-Picayune:

“I find it’s wrong, because you can’t help what the girl has. You’re born with that,” the senior said. “I think it was discrimination toward a woman who has features.”

The wording is a little clumsy (I don’t generally refer to my breasts as “features”!) — but I think what we have here is a young man who realizes exactly what is going on, but is trying to to show some respect to these young women and not engage in public discourse about what their bodies look like. Which is more than can be said for school personnel, one of whom apparently said of one of the women “No, her chest is too big and it (the dress) reveals too much”.

Well, hell. Her chest is too big. I guess you can get all dressed up for your prom and feel like a million bucks, but if your chest is too big, someone is going to decide you aren’t really fit for polite company.


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