For the Younger Set

There is a young man in my life about to have his first birthday, and I happen to know that he is a die-hard Penn State football fan. It’s a little difficult to get tricked out in all the team gear when you are so short of stature, so I figured I’d send some love his way.

I’m planning on making the toddler’s hoodie from McCalls 4624 from a Penn State fleece panel. Here’s the pattern envelope:

McCalls Toddlers' Tops & Pants Pattern #4642

Some views have a hood and some have a funnel collar — there’s also an optional applique pocket for the front.

All the views have a v-neck zipper closure.

I’m going with a hood, and I’m modifying the closure so that there’s a full length separating zipper all the way down the center front. Info on how I did this modification is after the fold.

The first thing I did to this pattern was to eliminate the neck facings. It has a front neck facing — necessary to accommodate the v-neck zipper closure — and a back neck facing. In order to do this right, I have to keep in mind the purpose of the facings.

The back neck facing is there to hide the seam attaching the hood to the torso back. In order to hide this seam, I’ve increased the seam allowance on the hood to a full inch. That way, I have enough space to create a half inch flat-felled seam.

The purpose of the front neck facing is two-fold. Here’s what it looks like:

Front neck facing

First, as with the back neck facing, it’s there to hide that seam attaching the hood. I’ve already taken care of that problem with my flat felled seam, which extends along the length of the hood. Second, it’s there to not only hide the seam attaching the zipper, but also to ensure that there is a soft layer of fabric between the scratchy zipper tape and the skin. To deal with this problem, I’ve drafted a zipper facing:

Zipper facing

The final step in this adjustment is to shift around the order of construction. The pattern envelope directions call for the hood to be finished at the front edge before attaching it to the torso. I’m going to use that folded seam to enclose the top end of the zipper tape, so I’ll complete that step after attaching the hood.


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