To cuff or not to cuff?

Today’s post was going to be about how to hem your pants, but the subject-pants in question, which belong to Spouse Phor, remain unhemmed, due to a compelling question.


I was half way through measuring the pants when he mentioned that of course he wanted cuffs on the pants. I recoiled in horror.

Furious internet searching ensued, with each of us claiming fashion knowledge superiority. The level of debate slowly sunk lower and lower until Spouse realized that he was claiming victory based on a bulletin board post in a Cooking Lite forum.

So, what say you, internets? These are dress pants; one half of a suit, in a charcoal worsted wool. They have pleats in front. Are cuffs on such pants de rigeur, or completely passe?

Men’s pleated pants: To cuff or not to cuff?

1. Yes. Definitely.
2. Ew. No.

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