Next, we will make shoes from cheese mold

Researchers at UWA have made a dress from the skin that forms on top of red wine when it goes bad.

Apparently “Their creation smells like wine and feels like sludge when its wet.”


The broader aim is to create fabrics using microbes — to grow whole cloth, more or less — which is kind of cool, but I hope this is just a first step. They are also currently working on making a fabric from the bacteria found in beer.

I have to wonder, where are they getting their booze from? I hope they aren’t wasting good wine on this. I’m sure if they wander around the UWA campus on a Monday morning, they can find a few half-empty flagons of goon lying about.

Hat tip to Fashion Incubator.

p.s. Notice the comment on the Telegraph page? The Grapes of Cloth? Rhymes with wrath? Ha. You know who you are. (Although, shouldn’t it be the cloth of grapes?)


One Response to “Next, we will make shoes from cheese mold”

  1. Isis Says:

    I thank you should not make shoes out of cheese mold

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