Lace Hoodie?

So the pinstriped skirt project has hit a couple of stumbling blocks.

First, the bias strips are so much fussier than I had imagined. The satin does not want to hold a crease, and pressing in the folds is time-consuming, finicky, and slow. Also I keep singeing my fingers.

Second, I thought I had about a half yard of black corduroy which would be a great backing for the pattern pieces, and would also support a zipper. But I don’t. Well, I do, but most if it is part of another skirt.

So I went hunting around in my stash for something else suitable. I didn’t find anything, so I guess a trip to the fabric store is in order. But what I did find was this:

Lace from stash

What this is is half of a lace tablecloth, originally bought from a thrift store in upstate New York as a last minute wrap for a wedding. (I know. I wore an old tablecloth to somone’s wedding. Nobody seemed to mind.)

I started to think about using strips of lace as backing for the pinstriped skirt, but there’s just enough here to give me a top of some kind — and if I sacrificed some for this skirt, there wouldn’t be. Plus, it’s not quite right for the skirt, anyway. But I think the lace would make a very sweet summer cardigan, so I draped it on the dress form to take a look.

Lace draped on dressform

As the cloth hung on the dressform, I took another look at the way that it draped, and it occurred to me — why not a lace hoodie? Cool, no?

I haven’t done a lot of sewing with lace before, so this is going to be a research-heavy project. How, for instance, does one sew up lace when it has all those holes in it? And what sorts of seams does it like? And how do you finish the edges?


2 Responses to “Lace Hoodie?”

  1. mermaids Says:

    a lace hoodie would be wickedly awesome. yes, sewing lace does take some different techniques, but it’s not difficult. check google or your library. look for sites/books about bridal sewing because that tends to be lace intensive.

  2. Anna Phor Says:

    Hi Mermaid!

    Yeah, this is going to be a learning curve project — but I’m looking forward to it! Bridal sewing resources are a great idea — I’ll have to check some out.

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