Pinstriped 8-gore skirt — the concept

The first work in progress that I’m documenting here is a recycling project — a simple A-line 8 gore skirt made from some recycled pants.

Here’s a simple sketch of the concept.

Sketch of 8-gore A-line skirt

The skirt has a satin ribbon waistband and lace trim at the hem.

What’s special about this skirt is the seam detailing. The detailing is inspired by a couple articles in the most recent Threads magazine; Ruth Ciemnoczolowski’s “Art Darts” for the look of darts faced with satin, and Kayla Kennington’s “Develop your personal style” for the idea of binding and abutting seams to eliminate seam allowances.

Seam detail

The seams are bound with satin bias strips, which are then whipstitched for a textural effect. Rather than sewing the seams, the bound seams are abutted and sewn to a backing. This is a particularly useful technique for a recycling project, because it eliminates the need for a seam allowance, saving on fabric. I’m also toying with the idea of including some sort of decorative element spaced along the abutted seams — some sort of frog closure or knotwork.

More to come, including details on the pattern, the fabric, and the complete deconstruction of my pants.


One Response to “Pinstriped 8-gore skirt — the concept”

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