Easy skirt pattern

The basic pattern I’m using for this skirt is a simple 8-gore knee-length pattern, copied from a skirt I already own.

The original skirt is a knee-length skirt made from 4 equally sized pattern pieces. It’s just folded along the seamlines, and then folded in half so that my new pattern piece will be 1/2 the size of the original pieces.

Copying the pattern

Making this pattern is a snap — just trace, and voila! Because of my design detail, I don’t need to add seam allowances here.

Just to be sure my piece is symmetrical, I fold it in half and retrace the outlines.

Pattern Symmetry

Finally, I draw a line along the fold to establish the straight-of-grain line.

Establishing the straight of grain

The ratios of pattern-to-body measurement for the basic panel are as follows:

Waist: (Waist measurement + 2″ ease)/8
High hip: (High hip measurement + 2.75″ ease)/8
Hip: (Hip measurement + 8″ ease)/8

Note that 8″ of ease at the hip is probably a lot for women who actually have hips. I don’t. My high hip and my hip measure only differ by 3/4″.


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