The 8-gore skirt project is a recycling project. Specifically, it is a pair of pants which will rise from the ashes. Here are the poor doomed pants:


These are in fact a very nice pair of tailored men’s wool pants. Except for the fact that they have a 32″ waist. Which I have never had. When I was 19, I was willing to pour myself into a pair of pants that were a little tight around the waist, mostly because the whole enterprise of pants-buying was impossible. But no more. Style AND Comfort! Let these be your watchwords.

So, pants, you are doomed. But how should I eviscerate you? I need 8 more or less equally sized pieces to cut each skirt piece.

Our wonderful pattern piece is a guideline, but when I lay the piece on the pants, I predict problems ahead.

Problems ahead?

Notice how it doesn’t quite fit? But it mostly fits. So there will be a work-around.

But, since the amount of fabric is an issue here, this will be a careful deconstruction. Sometimes when I’m recycling, I’ll just snip along the seamlines, but this time, I decided to pull all the seams apart.

The seam-ripping turned out to be a neat exercise, since I got to see how the pants were put together. And I also managed to preserve some pockets, which I can work into my skirt — although that will mean more jiggery-pokery with the pattern piece.

Here’s a neat little detail from the eviscerated pants. The interior back pocket appears to have a curve in it. I don’t know if it’s from years of caressing someone’s ass, or if this is a design detail that was built into the pants:

Pocket curve

I hope it’s the latter. These pants weren’t new when I bought them.


One Response to “Deconstruction”

  1. Lita Says:

    I would guess it had been steamed into shape over a “Ham” from the original Seamster! 🙂

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